Enhanced OSM


eOSM stands for "Enhanced OSM" - a result of Navmii mapping team hard work over past 5 years. We use OSM data as a base map and using our proprietary tools algorithms transforming it to a semi-professional map well suitable for almost any navigation purposes.

We enhance 3 core areas of OSM map: Visual Appearance, Routing and Geocoding. Map improvement It is a long, complicated and unique process consisting on more that 20 phases and loads of verification procedures. Resulting dataset typically depends on a territory and in majority of cases outperforms the source data in terms of quality, standardisation and convenience to work with.

Together with the enhanced map data Navmii also provides a set of tools for map processing, analysis and data visualisation. 

Navmii eOSM technical documentation

Access Limitation

Please note that depending on your access some sensitive technical information can be hidden.